The Training Program

Intrepid Dance Company Post-Secondary Training Program

“All the steps to help you set the stage for your future and career.”

What to Expect?

• 25 hours of training a week with Toronto’s Industry leading instructors and choreographers
• A safe and professional learning environment

What Is It All About?

Intrepid is not just any training program. It is specifically designed to create a well-rounded professional dancer who will have all the tools to hit the stage running for their future in dance.

The training program is for dancers 17 years of age and older who want to continue their dance training after a studio on a more professional and committed level. We will work with the dancers to prepare them for their career in dance by covering areas such as:

Injury Prevention
Finding the Right Agent
And So Much More...

What You Get

● Exceptional training

● A completed resume

● A short video reel

● A headshot

● A dance shot

● A completed bio

● Performance opportunity

● The chance to work with talented choreographers, photographers, agents, and more!

Classes Over 9 Months, a Private Coach, and Online Access to Classes

The Intrepid Post-Secondary Training Program is an intense program that specializes in the commercial industry for every dancer. We are a team of highly trained and skilled professionals with extensive backgrounds in the arts. Working together as a team, we will accomplish our shared goal of providing EXCELLENCE for our students. To achieve excellence, our focus will be on eduction and training, ensuring you have the best experience possible.

There is no limit to the level of individual attainment you can achieve with Intrepid. From our first year program and beyond, you have the opportunity to grow as far as your imagination and energy will permit. If you are serious about your commitment to professionalism, willing to spend the extra hours to work for the sake of your training, and really enjoy your craft, then the Intrepid Training Program is the place for you!

We believe in going the extra mile to help, learn, expand your knowledge, change when necessary, and prosper. This is not just a training program, but also a gateway to your career. We believe in our profession, the industry and YOU. We are not afraid to try the new, the different, or the challenging. We will help you grow through positive reinforcement and love. It is an industry that can be hard at times but that is also rewarding.

When you commit to our training program you are committing to your future, and we are committing to you.

Our philosophy is to make sure that each dancer is training at their fullest potential and we work hard to create an environment where they can do that. We call this the “Intrepid Way,” and we have incorporated this into our policy.

We believe dance professionals can communicate their passion and love of what they do onstage and offstage. This will assist them in landing that future dream job they aspire to have. By helping our students take their passion for their craft to the next level, we CAN and DO help them to improve their overall self-image and self-esteem.

Within the caring and nurturing environment we have created, dancers can experience an array of state-of-the-art services. Along with our award-winning faculty, we have compiled a team of service providers that will enhance the program and make each dancer the professional they aspire to be.

Our number one goal is to have each dancer leave with the tools they need to succeed in this challenging industry we all know and love.

Who Is It For?

Intrepid Training Program is for dancers who want to take their dance training to the next level, learn the ins and outs of the industry, and prepare for their future careers in dance. It is for dancers who want to take full advantage of our exceptional faculty and expand on their dance repertoire by working in the wide variety of classes we offer.

Intrepid Training Program will take you to the next STAGE of your career. It includes over 25 hours of training per week in the various classes we offer, a private coach to discuss your goals and progress over the course of the program, and MASTER classes from their extensive lineup of ALL-STAR Faculty.

Don’t wait for opportunities, create them.

What is Included?

Intrepid Training program includes some unique and specialized seminars during the course of the year which will cover the following topics:








A private one-on-one coach who will discuss your progress with the program and goals for the year (1 hour included – additional hours are available for a fee)


You will leave the program with a resume that will assist you in your career moving forward in the industry

Work hard in silence. Let your success be your noise.

Frank Ocean

Video Reel

You will leave the program with a short video reel that you will be able to use for promotional purposes to help kick start your career.


A headshot is a vital part of any audition or job in this industry. With the Intrepid Training Program, you will leave with your very own professional headshot. We will collaborate with a photographer to create the perfect headshot for you to choose one for your portfolio.


Dance shots will be taken by a professional photographer. You will be given the option to choose for your portfolio.


We will work with you to help create the perfect bio for your future career in dance.

Concept Video

Throughout the year you and your classmates will be working on creating a concept video showcasing both your own work, and the work of your regular choreographers. As part of this process, you will gain in-depth insight into the behind-the-scenes on-set experience, and will learn about lighting, concept creation and execution, recording and much more.

Web page

We will include all your information on our website/graduate web page. Visitors to the page will be able to view your bio and dance reel. This is a great opportunity to spread the word about you and move you onto the next stage of your dance career!

Who Can Apply?

Age Requirement

Participants must be at least 17 years of age or older.

Technical Level

Intrepid recommends that the participant is dancing at an advanced level in at least one style, including jazz, ballet, tap, hip hop, or contemporary. Participants must be well versed in the other styles.

Audition Requirements

Dancers are to submit a solo performance (minimum 2 minutes in length) in their strongest dance style to along with a short video as to why they want to be included in this program.

Submission Deadline: April 1, 2023


Participants should understand conversational English at an intermediate level.


The cost of the program is $11,500 plus HST. This cost includes a $600.00 non refundable deposit which is due upon acceptance into the program in order to secure your spot. Fees for the full-year can be paid in full at the time of acceptance or paid in three installments as set out below:

Due Upon Acceptance
$600.00 Non-Refundable Deposit

1st Payment Due Aug 1, 2023

2nd Payment Due Nov 1, 2023

3rd & Final Payment Due Feb 1, 2024

Start Date

The 2023/24 program commences in September, 2023.